To blog or not to blog

19th February 2016

Today marks the day of my first blog. I have worked in Marketing on and off for almost 4 years now and have threatened many times to start a blog so that I can pen some ideas and try to make sense of the ever changing Marketing landscape.

Primarily, this blog will revolve around Marketing; everything from the best campaigns I have spotted to some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

I am in the fortunate position to be working in Marketing at a time where having eyes on a website is just as important as having a cash in hand customer walk through the door.

Every day there seems to be a new article about a must have Marketing tool with a heavily baited “Top 5 reasons to start using ‘x’ !!” type headline.

While some of these articles hold nuggets of useful information they are, generally speaking, just another way for publishers to drive traffic to their websites. My plan is to sift through the jargon and find the key takeaways.

My background varies from running a family owned business in my late teens to working in the IT industry in both Account Management and Marketing. I am passionate about Business and the value that Marketing brings to it.

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