Bing Ads: Back with a Bing?

By now, we have all heard about the power of using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as a key element to your Digital Marketing campaigns. Google Adwords are the market leader with 67% market share.

But, what happens when you hit the ceiling with Google Adwords? You have assigned budget and are yielding some results but you want to push for more.

Bing ads are Microsoft’s version of Google Ads but the ads run on Yahoo! and Bing search engines. With Bing and Yahoo! combined share of about 26% of overall search traffic leaving them out of your Marketing strategy could be a mistake. (Source)

Bing make no bones about targeting clients already using Google’s offering stating on their website:

“If you’re already using another product like Google AdWords, it’s easy to import your current campaigns directly into Bing Ads. If you’re new to search advertising, we’re here to show you the way to creating great ads.”

Bing Ads Benefits:


Cost-per-click (CPC) : Because Bing and Yahoo! receive less traffic they can offer a much lower CPC than Google. CPC on Bing Ads are on average 33.5% cheaper than Google. (Source)


While Google’s overall network is bigger Bing can be looked at as an untapped resource and in some markets it is the leading search engine. (Click to see breakdown)


Bing offer Sitelink Extensions, Call Extensions, Location Extensions and App Extensions as part of their service. these extensions act as Call To Action triggers for visitors.

When to consider Bing Ads:

There are 2 scenarios when Bing Ads may be a good option for your business:

You are already maximising the opportunities with Google AdWords. Replicating those campaigns on Bing is an easy way to increase traffic and sales for the same terms.

Your budget is smaller than the Google AdWords Search market demands. Bing Ads is a smaller market and one that you can easily compete in and prove success before you commit to a larger budget for Google Ads.


It is not a case of weighing up Google Adwords Vs Bing Ads, more a case of Google Adwords + Bing Ads.



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