The Importance Of Consistent Branding

It may seem simplistic and obvious but across all businesses and platforms, consistency should be one of your key objectives for your overall Marketing strategy.

Done well, it often goes unnoticed but it is reflected in buying habits. When done poorly it may not be consciously recognised but in crowded markets it will at the very least make your brand forgettable.

Consumers trust brands that they see as consistent even if they don’t know exactly why. A lot of Coca-Cola’s success is attributed to their consistent branding rather than the actual product itself.

If a business is constantly changing its branding and messaging over time then their relationship with customers is diminished – in the same way that if you meet a person who is constantly changing their standpoint it does not take long for you to lose value in their opinion.

Brand Consistency Vs Customer Trust Graph




Perhaps an obvious choice, but have you ever wondered why you “google” everything rather “bing” or “yahoo” them? It is in part down to Google’s stronghold on the Search Engine landscape but their brand consistency makes them the easy choice. From the typeface to the colours, Google’s branding remains uniform  – see below:

Google’s brand consistency is evident above;

  • Their logo and font reflects the simplistic nature of their offering
  • Google Dots are a clever way Google displaying their branding even when a simple animated loading icon would suffice – take for example their latest release Google Assistant
  • The “G” is a compact version of the logo commonly seen in mobile. Revealed in September 2015, the “G” is also used across Google’s Social Accounts Twitter,Facebook & Instagram and it is testament to the brand that this one letter and colours is recognised instantly as the brand.

Of course, Google is at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of brand excellence but their main principles are something every business can learn from.

Consistent Branding isn’t all about colours, logos and images however ;here are some simple best practices to start changing your business for the better today:

  • When posting to Social Media check to see if the message is suitable for all your active platforms – if yes, post on each platform
  • If you curate a blog pick a day to publish and stick to it
  • Align your online activities with your offline activities so the messaging is uniform
  • Develop a simple set of guidelines for you and your team to adhere to

The benefits of Brand Consistency:

  • Builds trust with current customers and potential clients
  • Having a blueprint for future campaigns reduces content creation time
  • Strengthens brand identity
  • Stand out in crowded markets
  • Consistency exhibits stability, purpose and quality

By keeping your visual identity and key messaging consistent you will effectively develop and strengthen your brand, helping your business make a far stronger, longer lasting impression.





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