A need for page speed and why online experience matters

I was about to share this piece on 40 Stats On Digital Transformation And Customer Experience when I thought an article on it would be more insightful.

The statistic from it that stood out most to me was:

“53% of people will abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. *Google Marketing Platform

I can’t help but think our appetite for faster website speed has increased at the same rate our overall attention span has decreased.

It can’t be ignored that your potential buyers are constantly on their phone flicking between apps, scrolling through (Instagram) emails and browsing websites all at the same time so if their experience on your website isn’t A+ of course they will just bounce and move on to the next one.

Website speed is just one factor that makes up the overall online experience for your visitors. It doesn’t just affect user experience but also contributes to your position in search engine rankings so it is worth paying attention to.

Check your website’s performance using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

In the B2B space I have often spoke with companies whose main argument for not having a stellar website is “…but we don’t sell online!”

The fact is now they do. I won’t bore you with more stats on what percentage of B2B Buyers research is now done online but let’s just say – it’s a lot.

Your buyer experience online is just as (if not more) important as their experience offline.

So, if you were to meet someone in person who may be interested in doing business with you what is the most important thing for them to take away?

Tom Fishbourne, Founder @ Marketoonist has a great visual representation below:

No alt text provided for this image

It’s so true it’s funny – how many websites have you seen like the image above? You wouldn’t do it in person so why expect people to put up with it on your website?

Your website needs a clearly defined, articulate and memorable value proposition in a prominent place (usually the homepage) that makes visitors want to learn more, interact and ultimately become your next customer.

Think of it like your elevator pitch- focus on what’s unique to you, what defines you as a company and how you can benefit your potential buyers.

In an economy where experience is everything your website should be first on the list when it comes to new customer acquisition.

If you are an SAP Partner and want to learn how we can identify the weak points on your website and give practical recommendations & advice on how to implement improvements, feel free to reach out to me directly or speak to your dedicated SAP Partner Service Advisor. 


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