Digital Marketing Productivity Tools

We are in a Digital Revolution. There’s no stopping it, there’s no ignoring it and unfortunately there’s no easy way to manage it.

There are so many different platforms for companies to utilise today: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + to name a few prominent ones.

On paper (ironically) it looks simple – just use all of these platforms all of the time and get on the Digital train steamrolling its way into your business.

But we all know business doesn’t work like that. Companies can’t just devote 100% of their time and resources to digital; what about their customers, their sales and their bottom line?

With that in mind I have collated some tools that I use to save time or just make managing the day-to-day digital activities a little easier.

  1. Pocket


Pocket is hands down my favourite tool that I use daily without fail.It’s free and simple to use so it ticks all the boxes.

Pocket allow you to save links and access them later on your mobile device through the app or through a web browser.

It can be viewed while waiting in line, on the couch, during commutes and even offline.

So many times I have seen an article while browsing but don’t have the time to read or share it so now I just save it to Pocket and I can share it directly from the app when I am ready.

Use Pocket:

2. TweetDeck 


TweetDeck is another tool that I use daily to manage my Twitter Account.

In a nutshell, TweetDeck allows you to create columns to display specific content that interests you and view them in one dashboard type view. You can create a column that shows all your direct messages, the results of a particular search query, the latest Tweets from a hashtag and shows you your list of scheduled tweets.

The ability to schedule tweets is very useful as often I build up a list of links I want to tweet (stored in Pocket) so this function means I can set these up to tweet automatically at a time that I know my followers are active.

Use TweetDeck:

3. Trello

tech-pipeline (1)

Trello is a Project Management tool that gives you a dashboard view of your tasks which bears a striking resemblance to TweetDeck.

Like TweetDeck you create columns but with this tool you name them and populate them yourself. I use Trello to list tasks that are somewhat on the long finger but at the same time I don’t want to forget to do them.

Like all good productivity tools it can be used both from your computer and from your mobile devices.

You can set reminders, categorize your tasks in terms of priority and share tasks with colleagues.

Use Trello:


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